2017 Events

All our events in 2017 are designed to be milestones in our preparation for the 'big one' - Our world record attempt planned for June 2018.


We continue to support our friends at Believe Organ Donation Support, and each even this year is geared up for Organ Donation Awreness and a little fundraising as well. We will publish more details of how to support us, a nearer to each event.





5th March 2017


In support of Believe ODS in their quest to have more red shirted runners at the annual St David's Day 10K Run, Mark, Jon and Rhys will be, once again, putting on their running shoes to take part.

June 2017 The River Inn 24 hour Challenge


Now this isn't going to be easy!


Following on from last years adventures cycling the River Inn in Austria, the lure of returning to ride the length from source in Switzerland to the Danube in Germany via Austria has proven to be too much to refuse by our Yellow Hatters.


The team will attempt to ride the 323 miles route in 24 hours, putting themselves to the test and providing vital experience in readiness for the 2018 record attempt.

October 2017. Capital to Capital with a Twist


Ok, you would think we are fed up with the Cardiff Half Marathon.  Well it is firmly a traditional part of our calender and it helps to round off our challenges for the year on familiar ground.




This year it is with a twist.  Team Yellow Hat will be riding to the start line........ overnight from MACHYNLLETH!!   Yep that's right, 120 miles and a couple of mountain ranges later BEFORE we run the Cardiff Half!  Now that is a twist......

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