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So here it is. Day one of the Tirolean Tour 2016. Left the Swiss/Austrian border this morning in warm but showery weather with a firm breeze behind us.  The valley is just one of the most beautiful places on earth. Great miles per hour achieved and the sounds of the River Inn kept us going - it ‘Castrol GTX’ colour was a perfect back drop for the days ride.


The small town of Landeck is fabulous - Tirolean yet almost cosmopolitan with the on street restaurant and cafes - must go back there when not on a cycling schedule!!


Ben is fab - he rode really well and has only complained about a sore bum six times!! Jo was chuffed with the day’s efforts as well, given time away from the saddle!!


Back at HQ now for dinner and down loading of photos and footage that our tour cycling cameraman (Rhys) has been taking - many are on this page.


Early start tomorrow to ride to Innsbruck.



Day Two


Early start for the ride to Innsbruck - great!  Then the heavens opened and it rained for the entire day's riding. Fraser had to take shelter inside my pannier bag!


Still made good time and after a spot of lunch in a fab pub in Innsbruck we pushed on to Hall in Tirol (covered bridge picture for reference).


Route has been flat no hills at all and the river Inn has lost its Castrol green colour and turned into a fast flowing rapid!!! Still the noise of it drowns out "my bums sore" comments that seem to be Ben's adopted tour strap line....


Every flat complex in Innsbruck has an exercise area for the occupants to use and even in the rain, they were using it!! Puts us to shame really.....


Arrived back at base camp - warm shower, dry the kit before dinner and relaxation! Yay!!


Big day tomorrow pushing on so we have a shorter day to push for the German / Austrian border on Wednesday - weather permitting!!



Day Three


The Tirolean Tour has become a way of life - early breakfast and out on the bikes.

After a cloudy and slight drizzly start, the day brightened up to become warm and dry, making the ride much more enjoyable.


Flat route with a few small climbs as a result of a diversion due to route closures..


A swift pace saw us get to Wattens very quickly without stopping at the crystal factory and bringing us in time, to within a mile of base camp!!! Pah!


Before we knew it we were through Schwartz, a small medieval town and on to Jenbach.


It was strange to be cycling in an area we know so well after 20+ years of skiing here (thus loads of photos) and yet from a bike we have seen so much more!!


Check out where the photo of the river and one of its tributaries - two different colours....


We pushed on at Jenbach to shorten the last days ride tomorrow - well the sun was shining!


And Ben's new tour strap line - "my shoulder is aching" - time for the earphones and music I think!!



Day Four. The last day of Ben's Tirolean cycling tour.


Weather this morning, wet and cooler, still with extra mileage covered yesterday, only a short one today.


Alpbachtal, Worgl were a blur as the flat route was mainly tree lined and no real conurbations were cycled through until Kufstein, the Austrian side of the border crossing.


At one point we were on one side of the river in Austria and the other was in Germany, so took a little detour so we could at least get a border signpost picture!


It dried out during the ride and with a tail wind we finished the adventure.


So that's it, Swiss Austrian border to Austrian German border over four days, with Ben out 11 year old leading the way. He is well on his way in meeting his fundraising target though anymore support through donations would be appreciated.


And for organ donation awareness, our posts have reached over 1500 people, some have registered, others have had the conversation and that for me goes a long way towards awareness.


We are grateful to all that have donated, registered, had the conversation, liked and commented on our FB posts positively - it certainly kept us cheerful especially in the bad weather.


Many thanks to Believe ODS for allowing Fraserbear to be our tour mascot, he was inspirational!!


And of course Ben, Rhys and Jo (who stepped in at the last minute) for giving it your all - well done!!


As we close the event, a short story about the different cycling tops that have been worn on the ride.


Both are from the Lon Las Cymru rides (2012 & 2014) and both are Yellow Hat cycling jerseys. It seemed appropriate to wear these in memory of the inspiration behind Yellow Hat.


We proudly wore his name for a second time on an adventure that he would have loved to have done with us and bringing Yellow Hat back to Austria, a place of fond memories for him, his family and for the rest of us, seemed the right thing to do.


The Austrians have missed your hat Pete!!


Thank you

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