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We are proud to be able to offer Conference, Event & Keynote speaker services by our founder, Jon Harper..


Jon is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute who has over 20 years leadership and management experience at all levels of management and has vast experience in speaking about a portfolio of subjects, set to motivate, engage and stimulate thinking.


With all profits being donated to our chosen charities, this service is offered to business, communities, clubs, societies to name a few.


Scroll down for a list of existing speaking subjects and if the subject you are looking for, is not there, don't close the page, bespoke subjects can be developed to meet your needs..


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Keynote Subjects
  Title Topic / Description Audience
#1 Question 14 "Have you ever thought you are better off............?"


Personal story of coping with stress, anxiety and depression, developing resilience and putting it into practice


#2 My teammates said I am stressed!


Managing stress in work, the impacts on self and others through change and/or workload pressures


#3  Motivate Me!


Engaging and motivating oneself through good and rough times


#4 Motivate You!


Engaging, motivating & inspiring others to succeed


#5 OK it works! so let's change it...


Managing change with others, personal resilience in an evolving business 


#6 Own goal!


Managing all the balls! Prioritisation and effective delivery


#7 The Bucket List


Lighthearted view of compiling a 'do before I die' bucket list


#8 "I broke my chair..."


Avoiding unintentional consequences - effective planning and delivery


#9 "So they want us all to be leaders"


A view of leadership at junior and middle management levels - The what, the how and the why....



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